First, let me clarify the difference between the usual iPhone display type (LCD) and the newer type in the iPhone X which Samsung have been using for a long time (AMOLED). The construction of an LCD screen has the top glass then the combination LCD and digitiser display then a backlight panel which shines light through and makes the screen bright. The AMOLED is different in the way that it doesn’t have a backlight and each pixel produces its own coloured light. Which means a screen that is displaying a lot of black will actually use much less power than an LCD screen displaying the same image.

Which is good, right? Yes and no. Yes because it’s contrast and colour depth is superior but no because of the fragile nature of the panel. Often if an LCD is damaged, there could be a black spot or a line or something but the display is still useable.

The difference with the AMOLED is that if it is damaged, the AMOLED will simply display black as any Sumsung owner who has broken their phone can attest to.

And even though Apple has been touting a new and stronger glass each and every time a new model is out, it seems that the iPhone 7 screens shatter just as easy at the iPhone 3GS screens. Which means that unless there is some sort of quantum leap in glass technology, the iPhone X will crack with a drop from waist height just like all the rest.

And price for repair? Unfortunately AMOLED displays are typically much more expensive than LCD displays so unless you’ve got Apple Care, the out of pocket expense could be significant but time will tell.

The best course of action is prevention, make sure you swing in so you can grab a decent case which will absorb the shocks and a tempered glass screen protector which can help prevent the display from cracking when it hits the ground!

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