So you’re trying to charge your Galaxy A73 5G but all you’re getting is a weird droplet icon and your phone is making a dinging noise?

Yes, your phone thinks it’s got liquid in the dock port and has disabled  charging until it detects that the moisture is gone and it’s safe to take charge again.

Problem is that this happens to many devices that have never been anywhere near water and the only solution is to change out the dock.

Here we go! Below is the dock board which entails the charge port, main microphone, radio components and other bits and pieces

So we just change out this component? Ideally not, sometime replacement parts have a different model number indicating they are EU version, Korean etc and can have reception issues when used in Australia. Occasionally replacement parts aren’t populated with all the required resistors, diodes, IC’s etc. The better option is to reuse this perfectly good board and just change out the dock flex.

With a bit of microldering wizardry, the new dock port is professionally installed and the repair is almost done on this Galaxy A series!

And just like that, this Samsung charging issue is repaired, done and back to the customer within an hour. Give us a call to discuss your needs on 07 4951 0237

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