Microsoldering is the skill of using a combination of hot air and soldering iron to repair the tiny components on an iPhone logic board. How small, you ask?

This small. That’s a photo of a tiny resistor sitting on a sesame seed. Most of the components we change are slightly bigger, ranging from a Tristar IC which is about the size of a match head, all the way up to a Touch IC which is about half the size of a Micro SD card.

Actually performing these repairs is a very difficult and technical skill which very few phone technicians can handle. National Mobile is the only shop in the region that can do this type of work as well as the common repairs such as screens and dock connectors and batteries etc.

Touch IC repair with the faulty chip removed

iPhone 6 Plus with the new chip installed and ready to go!

Essentially, when you need a phone repair and want a company that has far more skills beyond just ‘screen repair’, pop in for a chat and let us help you get your phone back on track!

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