The National Mobile Story.

It began in 2008 when the Nokia N95 was the pinnacle of technology. Having the right skills, Gary started doing repairs in his own home in Eimeo by appointment. He had a passion and interest in the service that he decided to have a formal office, still at home, and operated during business hours. Later on, he found more potential in the business and moved his services to a shop front in Mackay City Heart and then in 2/5 Mangrove Road, a dream location.

When the iPhone came on to the scene, he started innovating the services he offered and moved his business’ focus. The business held the name Mackay iPhone Repair for several years until the National Mobile Phone Repair brand was born.

Today, the National Mobile Phone Repair offers a wide variety of services and a great team including Robyn and Kurt. They ensure that operations are smooth and the quality of service rendered to customers are always on point. Accommodating customers’ needs will always be a top priority for National Mobile Phone Repair.

What our Customers Say

Customer satisfaction is our top priority! We love what we do and we make sure that it will always reflect on the quality of our services.

Commitment to Quality.

We strive to use good quality parts to ensure high customer satisfaction

We source our products from the same city in China where the handsets and tablets are made.

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