I think every phone repairer on the planet has seen an iPhone 6Plus like this before..

This is the typical sign of what has been universally labelled as Touch Disease. Often this grey flickering curtain appears by itself or sometimes happens with a gentle flex of the phone, and occasionally there is no outward signs other than a lack of touch function even with a known good screen. Even the iPhone 6 is affected by this issue but the difference being is that the i6 won’t have the grey curtain and is probably only 1/10th as likely to have the issue compared to the 6Plus.

How does this happen?

The chips on the logic board are all BGA IC’s which means that instead of being soldered to the board with legs, they have an array of balls underneath which mechanically and electrically connect the chip to the board.

The issue is that when the board is flexed in day to day life, whether it be from dropped or put in a really tight pants pocket or even just through general usage, the tiny solder balls can crack and that allows oxidisation to form and disrupt the electrical connection between the board and chip.

So is it repairable?

Definitely, but it requires much more skill than just a simple screen repair. If you’re looking at selecting a repairer to fix the issue then the best bet is to check their feedback and reviews, and if their Facebook reviews are hidden, that’s generally a very bad sign.

Call up and ask about the process of fixing the Touch IC, if they say anything about reflowing or packing the IC then avoid and try another repairer.

If retaining your data isn’t an issue then Apple is an option, they will exchange your phone for a refurbished model for a set price, but if you wish to keep all of your photos, contacts etc then getting it repaired by a third party repairer such as National Mobile Phone Repair is your best option.

Okay, so how is it done properly?

The best way to fix this fault and have a lasting repair is to remove the logic board from the rear housing, remove the Meson IC, perform what’s called an M1 jumper then recall and reinstall the chip.

We have found many repairers simply ‘pack out’ the IC which puts pressure on it. This is a very bad practise because although it can sometimes be enough to reconnect the joints, the repair usually fails within days and the pressure makes the board flex in other ways which can result in other chips being damaged.

^Chip that had been ‘packed out’

The best way is to use hot air and remove the Meson IC like this:

^Coins are used as heatsinks to protect other components

Then run the M1 jumper which future proofs the repair and then either install a new Meson IC or reball the original chip for reuse.

If you have any questions about this repair, please call on (07) 4951 0237 or Visit our Facebook page!

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