Simply changing a screen is a fairly straightforward process, but what happens when something goes wrong?

I’m sure sure you’d get a very uneasy feeling knowing that a simple repair has suddenly got far more complicated and requires a higher level of expertise than just a generic Screen Repairer for the iPhone to be returned to a working condition..

For example, you drop your iPhone 6S plus and crack the screen, it still works so no big deal but you decide to have it repaired anyway. You drop it off then get a call later saying that it can’t be fixed properly as something else has happened.

The dreaded half backlight problem!

This can happen a number of ways, sometimes it’s liquid damage, sometimes it happens due to old age but usually it occurs when the 22V backlight power pin gets shorted to ground.

On the plus models (iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6S Plus, iPhone 7plus), it’s common to only lose half the backlight because they have two separate boost circuits that can independently operate even if the other has failed. On the smaller screen models however, a backlight circuit failure will almost always result in a totally dimmed screen which is nearly impossible to see and use.

So what’s the reason this one has died? 

See that crispy looking filter? That’s the reason the iPhone 6S plus backlight is half dim and it could have been easily avoided by taking more care with the repair.

So what now? National Mobile have expert Microsolderers on site who can handle these ‘Level 2’ repairs and in the case of this phone, we simply checked for any shorted lines, replaced the cooked filter with a new one and fully test the phone.

Putting a jumper wire in place of the filter is never a good idea, the filter protects the upstream components from damage and without it, the repair can become far more extensive and costly.

Here’s the brand new filter installed…

And here’s the end result, perfect backlight and a very happy customer!

If you need a service such as this, please Check us out on Facebook or call on (07) 4951 0237 and we can help get you up and running again!

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